Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment otherwise knows as Brazilian Hair Straightening or BKT for short is nothing short of a miracle. This conditioning and smoothing treatment can be done over any type of chemical such as color or relaxers, because it is Not a chemical. Keratin is the protein that skin hair and nails is made of which has often been found in shampoos and conditioners to strengthen the hair. In Brazilian Keratin treatment this protein along with emolients  and bonding nanoparticles actually attach to your hair, visibly repairing it and making it feel soft, strong, and silky. It doesn't change the structure of your hair so it is not only safe, but good for your hair! Oh happy day! Over time the keratin simply washes off. For some this is 3 months but others who launder their hair less it can last for 4 months and sometimes longer. As the Keratin washes off and curl or volume returns frizz will still be greatly reduced so that you can enjoy manageable, diva-worthy hair at various stages of this treatment. Love it!! 
Who needs this? Everyone! Well, some people have perfectly smooth hair naturally, but, not many! But if your hair is curly and you want it to be straighter, if your hair tends to frizz, if your hair has undesirable cowlicks, if your hair is damaged from  exposure to the elements or over-processing, if your hair feels too fine and fly-a-way and you wish it had more umph- or too coarse and you would like it to feel silky, or if your hair just could use some serious shine..then this is for you.

Bonus: Drying and styling time is reduced DRAMATICALLY.
For example: If you have long dense wavy hair and spend an hour blow drying and flat-ironing it you can expect to be able to spend half the time blow-drying it and it will look smooth as if you've flat-ironed it! More time to live life without being a slave to your hair is always a good thing.

Before: Double-processed platinum blonde hair  can appear dry and lack shine.
After: Elle adores her healthy, glossy, polished look and feel.
Before: Frizz and fly-a-ways make this hair difficult to manage and unpredictable.
After: smooth, shiny, even manageable! This treatment is addictive!

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